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cdubya: just selected 'ext4' shiner: check if wine has the proper dlls for the game cdubya: 2nd step was 'do you want to install to the partition or the whole drive?' acovrig, acovrig, yeah, I think that's what I selected too acovrig, do you know how to make an image from the entire partition? cdubya: how can I tell? acovrig, I'm just trying to find if there's anything bad that I've done so far acovrig, can you go back and check if you have anything selected? acovrig, you said 2nd step you selected 'do you want to install to the partition or the whole drive?' cdubya: I selected 'Install ubuntu' acovrig, ok, that's all that I checked, is that what you selected? cdubya: now I just get a loader screen (w/ curser) with 'Try Ubuntu' and 'Install Ubuntu' in the list acovrig, ok, and you only get that one? cdubya: yes cdubya: it doesn't ask if I want to install to partition or drive acovrig, and you're running ubuntu on the machine now? acovrig, I have had that happen, so something went wonky on your drive. I would go back through the installer and run the check disk after each step to make sure you're not borked acovrig, but all the options look good.... cdubya: how would I run the check disk? acovrig, you get a menu on the first page of the installer acovrig, once you hit that screen acovrig, looks like the command




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Watchdogforpcskidrowpassword [Latest-2022]

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